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Exceptional HEROES™ elevates therapy and daily activity assistance by promoting a calmer, healthier, and happier mind through enhanced sensory interaction and support.

Exceptional HEROES™


What We Stand For

Exceptional HEROES™ is a mission-driven, women minority-owned company. The pillars of our community are Listen, Love, Connect™. We believe in giving voice to those who need it the most, embracing the whole spectrum of mental and emotional diversity and promoting the sense of empowerment and togetherness.

Our Team

Savanna Palafox

Founder • Creator • Mental Health, Disability Rights, and Sexual Assualt Advocate

Savanna Palafox is the mind and the soul behind Exceptional HEROES™. Her mission-driven empathy, personal background, and expertise on animal-assisted therapy lead to the vision of a holistic therapeutic device.

Georgie Palafox

        Co-Founder • Chief Executive Officer                      

Georgie Palafox co-founded Exceptional HEROES™ alongside her daughter. She is responsible for the business strategy, supply chain, and marketing of our therapeutic device.

Doris Koine

     EVP, Compliance and Vendor Management       

Doris invested and helped launch Exceptional HEROES™ alongside her granddaughter, Savanna. She is responsible for daily operations, making sure that everything runs smoothly – from compliance to shipping.

Somiari Fubara

Board member • Advisor • International Mental Health and Trauma Expert

Somiari is an internationally renowned expert helping people around the world overcome the consequences of traumatic events. One of her long-lasting commitments is providing support to survivors of Boko Haram attacks and kidnappings in Nigeria. Her 15 years of expertise in mindfulness, spirituality, and mental wellness guided us on each step of the Exceptional HEROES™ journey.

Melanie Vinuelas

Advisor • Independent Manufacturing Consultant

With experience in business and healthcare spanning across the decades, Melanie provides in-depth insights into supply chain and manufacturing optimization. She is an integral part of the pre-production team for Exceptional HEROES™.

Pete Barry

Advisor • Business and Development Consultant

Pete has been helping small businesses across America establish contacts and build business models they need to thrive. His support and enthusiasm are helping Exceptional HEROES™ in strategic relationships, and so much more.

Dmitry Kurash

Head of Creative • Digital Strategy

Dmitry has extensive international expertise as a UX/UI designer. He shapes branding, corporate identity and Web presence of Exceptional HEROES™, accentuating the brand’s unique nature and appeal.

Plamen Dimov

Web Development • Project Management

Web development expert helping Exceptional HEROES™ vision to come to life in terms with scalability in mind.

Aleksei Popov

Editor • Copywriting • Content Strategy

An experienced communicator, Aleksei helps the Exceptional HEROES™ family find their voice and tell the world the amazing story of their journey.

Our Partners

King Digital Marketing


KDM is a full-service production company based in Phoenix, AZ. Their goal is to create useful, compelling, beautiful visuals for a range of clients.

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Exclusive Springtime Offer! 

Save 15% Now!

Enriching Therapeutic Solutions Just for You! 
Enter Discount Code SPRING15 – ORDER TODAY! Offer expires April 1, 2024.

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