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LIMITED QUANTITY!  Monroe is a very powerful therapeutic device with multiple functions and a soft, cuddly luxurious exterior.  Its plush coat is made of premium quality Minky fabric, providing a silky soft, and soothing feel. In addition, its 4 lbs of weighted microbeads give you a sense of calm and comfort.

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A Comfort Companion with Soothing Therapeutic Cognitive and Sensory Enrichment- (4lb) Weighted and Tactile Benefits
Monroe, with his soft, cuddly, luxurious exterior, is an all-inclusive therapeutic companion with enriching and benefiting components. Its plush coat is premium quality Minky fabric, providing a silky soft, and soothing feel. The HEROES cuddly fur is warm and cozy with unforgettable comfort. Its ears, back paw pads, and front mittens are made with premium Minky fabric for smooth, ultra-soft sensory stimuli. In addition, the two front paws have a rough Velcro texture for positive tactile input, covered by the attached mittens for when not in use. Also, its 4lbs of weighted microbeads give you a sense of calm and grounding, reducing stress and anxiety. The stress paws in the back legs help release stress and induce relaxation and focus. While repeatedly squeezing the paws, an increase in blood circulation releases tension in the brain and body, calming the nervous system. The weighted portion of the Exceptional Heroes is like holding a small dog, cat or cuddling a baby. The equally distributed beads create a feeling of realism. The HEROES can be held or posed in different positions, allowing the user to apply pressure therapy according to their needs. Laying across the legs, across the chest, or just hugging your hero will release endorphins and oxytocin, also known as ‘happiness hormones.’ Are HEROES are excellent sources for meditation.

• 4lb equally distributed micro-beads for pressure therapy 
• Removable soundbox with calming audial patterns for controlled breathing practice 
• Natural 100% wool collar diffuser for essential oils 
• Velcro Brand hook on front paws for additional sensory input (sensory texture hidden with an attached mitten for protection when not in use) 
• Stress balls in back paws perfectly designed for tension and stress relief
• Distinct therapy vest identifying your Exceptional HERO
• Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, BPA-free, latex-free fabrics, and materials
• Child safety features: Friendly embroidered eyes, nose, and mouth. Hidden zipper in the neck for the removable soundbox
Learn more about these features on our HEALTH BENEFITS page


Our mission is to create an affordable therapeutic device for everyone, everywhere. This is why Exceptional HEROES™ will be shipped for free within the USA. FREE Shipping does NOT apply to Alaska and Hawaii or any other country or territory outside the contiguous United States.

Each device is placed in a UV sterilizer and disinfection cabinet before packaging, which kills 99,9% of germs and bacteria. Packaging is handled in a cleanroom – this is how we avoid any contamination. Each unit is shipped in a sealed tamper evident bag. This makes Exceptional HEROES™ suitable for most vulnerable individuals – including, but not limited to burn victims and patients with cancer and immune deficiencies.

PLEASE NOTE: Exceptional HEROES™ is a therapeutic device and not a toy. Children between ages 6 and 14 can only use it under constant supervision. Adults with special care needs may require supervision as well.


An engaging device modeled after a comforting plush animal encouraging positive interaction and emotions.


Coherent sounds enrich breathing practices for a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system. Play the sound


Aromatherapy creates soothing ambiance promoting restoration of emotional balance.


Distinct textures provide extra sensory input, alleviating stress and anxiety.

Body Awareness

Our devices come in two different weight types for effective pressure therapy.