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The world of mental health evolves constantly. Exceptional HEROES™ evolves with it.

Exceptional HEROES™ is a journey of love and family that started as a personal experience.

Three generations

Savanna Palafox

Founder • President
Savanna Palafox is the mind and the soul behind Exceptional HEROES™. Her mission-driven empathy, personal background, and expertise on animal-assisted therapy lead to the vision of a holistic therapeutic device.

Savanna is an alumna of Colorado State University, majoring in Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies. She has since been working to help children and adults with cognitive and emotional differences, also serving as a social media advocate for this community.

Georgie Palafox

Co-Founder • Chief Executive Officer
Georgie Palafox co-founded Exceptional HEROES™ alongside her daughter. She is responsible for the business strategy, supply chain, and marketing of our therapeutic device.

Georgie has a strong business background, both as a serial entrepreneur and a top-level executive in real estate and mortgage corporations. She has a proven success track of market expansion, product development and spearheading change in business operations.

Doris Koine

Investor • Chief Administrative Officer
Doris invested and helped launch Exceptional HEROES™ alongside her granddaughter, Savanna. She is responsible for daily operations, making sure that everything runs smoothly - from licensing and compliance to shipping.

Doris is a retired public education professional, with more than 30 years of exceptional service to generations of children of diverse backgrounds, including children with learning differences and special needs.

Letter from Savanna

Dear Friends,

My story began when I was born with a hearing impairment, which affected my first 15 months of life. Missing the beginning of fundamental sounds, I developed a learning disability diagnosed as Auditory Processing Disorder. I learned to adapt through untraditional ways of studying, starting from grade school. Then, in my junior year of high school, I began to experience chronic and Hemiplegic migraines and seizures. My health and learning issues were challenging, but they would not prevent me from reaching my dreams and goals and living my life.

I am proud to say I graduated with two degrees, both high school and with my associate’s degree, with HONORS!

What led my journey to Exceptional HEROES was in my last year of high school; our school assigned a year-long senior project. I had adopted a therapy rabbit for emotional support with my seizures, so I chose Animal Assisted Therapy with my rabbit as the subject for my project. The goal was to take an uncommon animal and train it to adapt to individuals with special needs, ranging from pre-school to the elderly. The project was a huge success. The assignment was the project that ignited my passion for helping those with disabilities and illnesses. The following year I began my university education in Clinical Child Psychology, emphasizing Animal-Assisted Therapy.

In 2019, during my second year of college, I was attacked and raped on campus and returned home; the world I knew came to a violent halt. My next six months were intense therapy sessions with a renowned International Mental Health and Trauma Therapist, Somiari Fubara. It was through therapy that I began my healing process.

As months progressed, I began to revisit the special needs schools and nursing facilities I volunteered in during my high school years, bringing my trained therapy animals. These weekly visits slowly helped advance my healing from this horrible, traumatic event that stole so much of what I loved of life.

I suffer from PTSD and other anxieties, so I have learned to set practices for my mental safety through several therapeutic grounding techniques; these practices secure my psychological and physical well-being to demonstrate effective therapy.

Through facility visits, social media platforms, and word of mouth, I began building a network of followers, educating and spreading awareness about therapy animals, mental health, various disabilities, and trauma. I am not a therapist or a therapy expert; I believe in healthy, caring therapy, and the positive impact it continues to provide on my life.

Always remember to
Listen, Love, Connect!

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Enriching Therapeutic Solutions Just for You! 
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