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Trauma Aware vs. Trauma-Informed
Sadly enough, not many people know the difference between being Trauma Aware and Trauma-Informed in today’s society. On my @Instagram Live series, LISTEN.LOVE.CONNECT, Somiari Fubara, an internationally world-renowned trauma expert, and my therapist discussed the difference between ‘aware’ and ‘informed’ with the steps to becoming trauma-informed. In this series, I shared examples of individuals I met during my healing journey which didn’t know how to help me because of the lack of trauma awareness and not being trauma-informed. This Insta chat was educational and necessary for those healing from trauma. To learn more, watch our video.

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Savanna Palafox

Savanna Palafox

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Somiari Fubara

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Exclusive Springtime Offer! 

Save 15% Now!

Enriching Therapeutic Solutions Just for You! 
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