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Exceptional HEROES™ elevates therapy and daily activity assistance by promoting a calmer, healthier, and happier mind through enhanced sensory interaction and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

For questions about your Exceptional HEROES purchased in the United States, please contact connect@exceptionalheroes.com.

Business Hours:  Monday to Friday – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM  (Mountain Standard Time)

We do not recommend sleeping with Exceptional HEROES™ as they can be too heavy for a child or person that is fragile and may not have the strength to move or push away.  The inability to move the weighted device could lead to suffocation, which is why we do not recommend. While Exceptional HEROES™ are made with focus on safety, we can not be 100% you’re safe sleeping with your device.

See Instructions For Use:  NOTICE OF RISK!

No, the vest is specifically designed for use with Exceptional HEROES™ devices. Do not use them on any real-live pets – this can be dangerous.

Our devices have multiple functions, which, if not used properly, may pose a danger. The main one is choking hazards from packaging, microbeads, or soundbox. Learn more about the use cases of Exceptional HEROES™ in our creator’s blog.

See Instructions For Use:  NOTICE OF RISK!

Yes, our devices are recommended for children age 6 years old and up. Learn more about using Exceptional HEROES™ safely in the Instructions For Use link at the bottom of the website.

Yes, our devices are hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, BPA, and latex-free.

Yes, we created Exceptional HEROES™ as a product backed by science and mental health expertise. Visit our Health benefits page to learn more about how specific therapeutic components affect cognitive and emotional state.

We are currently working on a downloadable Instructions For Use manual. However, learn more about the use cases of Exceptional HEROES™ in our creator’s blog.

We intently designed Exceptional HEROES™ for durability. We worked with experts on materials and needlework to select only the highest grade of fabrics, the strongest threads, and seams. With proper care, Exceptional HEROES™ devices will be your faithful companions for many years.

No. Sadly, the current COVID-19 situation forces us to be very strict about our returns and exchanges. We can’t give a device that has already been used to another customer, so no exchanges of fully functional devices are accepted.

Exceptional HEROES™ are comforting friends created as a personal therapeutic companion to hug, engage, calm the mind through physical interaction. Unfortunately, in the wake of COVID-19, this means we are unable to accept returns for Exceptional HEROES™.

For any concerns or to cancel your order anytime before processing, you can reach us directly at connect@exceptionalheroes.com.

Regrettably, we can’t cancel orders that have already been shipped or processed.

Each device is placed in a UV sterilizer and disinfection cabinet before packaging, which kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Packaging is handled in a cleanroom built in compliance with ISO guidelines – this is how we avoid any contamination. Each unit is shipped in a sealed tamper-evident bag. This makes Exceptional HEROES™ suitable for most vulnerable individuals – including, but not limited to burn victims and patients with cancer and immune deficiencies.

We are proud to announce FREE DELIVERY of Exceptional HEROES™ anywhere in the contiguous United States!

We ship to every U.S. address, including military APO and FPO destinations using UPS Shipment. Additional fees for Alaska and Hawaii, as well as worldwide delivery costs, will be calculated on checkout.

Due to our relying on our Kickstarter patrons, we can only make relatively small exclusive batches just for you! Visit our Kickstarter page to secure your early delivery and get the very first Exceptional HEROES™ devices this year. As more people join us on our exciting journey, we will keep you posted on further options. 

Our goal is to make sure thousands of Exceptional HEROES™ devices find their new home in early 2022. You can always reach us at connect@exceptionalheroes.com for more information or additional updates. 

We are currently on a fundraising stage, so your Kickstarter donation will be appreciated. If you are interested in supporting and donating, please drop us a line at connect@exceptionalheroes.com

You can currently order our devices in the Shop section of our site or for bulk orders contact connect@exceptionalheroes.com.

Our goal is to deliver affordable mental and emotional wellness support to everyone, everywhere. Exceptional HEROES™ can be used instead of multiple therapeutic devices – such as a soundbox, stress balls, weight blanket, etc. This is how we make sure we provide multiple therapeutic effects for a reasonable price. At the same time, serving mental health and mental wellness, we must cut no corners when it comes to quality. This is why our therapeutic devices are made from fabrics and components of the highest quality.

Assembly, quality assurance, and packaging are all handled in our flagship facility in Goodyear, Arizona. That’s where we produce the collars for essential oil diffusion too. Skins and other components are sourced both locally and from checked and certified vendors from South Korea and China.  

Our business development team is constantly working on expanding the product range. We model Exceptional HEROES™ after real-life service animals, so currently we’re looking into enriching the Exceptional HEROES™ family with a mini potbelly pig, Miss Masiel, and many others.

The coating of Exceptional HEROES™ devices is made from high-quality polyester fibers called minky, which gives them a plush, fur-like texture. The evenly distributed weight also adds to the realistic feel of our products.

No. Exceptional HEROES™ are therapeutic devices and not toys. Our devices include a set of therapeutic approaches for a clearer, happier, better mind. Our therapeutic companions also have to comply with much more strict standards of safety and inclusion.  Learn more in the link Instructions For Use at the bottom of our website.

Exceptional HEROES™ are two distinct therapeutic devices – Monroe and Shelby. Monroe is 5lb (2,3 kg) and Shelby is 9lb (4,1 kg). For more details on each device please see the respective product pages.

Even though our Exceptional HEROES™ are made to last, strenuous wear, use, and frequent washing could result in a tear. If your device develops a tear, discontinue use immediately and keep away from children and pets. Exceptional HEROES™ devices are filled with microbeads that could pose a choking hazard.

See Instructions For Use:  NOTICE OF RISK!

Please contact connect@exceptionalheroes.com with any issues, and we will work with you for a solution to have your therapeutic companion healthy and happy again.

The fabrics and materials that make up your HEROES™ are machine washable, but we DO NOT recommend placing them in the washing machine or machine dryer. If you choose to machine wash/dry your HERO, bear in mind that our devices are quite heavy, so we suggest placing them in a full load of items such as towels or blankets. Make sure you choose cold wash with a delicate setting and don’t overload your washing machine. Additionally, you must remove the soundbox, the collar, and the vest before any cleaning.

We suggest that you spot clean your device instead. Use a slightly damp microfiber cloth and a small amount of mild dish soap to wipe your device and remove dirt or stains.  The feel and the look of the fabric may change after immersion in water or in the area your HERO was spot cleaned.

*FUN FACT-  You can make sure your Exceptional HEROES™ stay soft and plush after its “bath” through fun, therapeutic grooming. Use a 100% boar bristle brush while air-drying your device.

Please note: washing and drying do contribute to the increased wear and tear of your Exceptional HEROES™.

Yes. There is a volume control and on-off switch on the soundbox. You can also squeeze your Exceptional HEROES™ device to stop the session anytime.

The battery lasts for 4 hours (12 full sessions) until it needs to be recharged. The soundbox can be recharged using a common Micro-USB cord. The charger box is not included.

Exceptional HEROES™ devices offer a wide range of therapeutic effects. Turn on the built-in soundbox for a controlled breathing exercise, add a few droplets of essential oil onto the collar for aromatherapy, squeeze stress balls in back paws to reduce stress, stroke the soft and the rough textures for more tactile input, or hug your device for grounding. Be creative about how you combine the therapeutic effects to achieve a better, healthier, calmer mind. 

Learn more about the use cases of Exceptional HEROES™ in our creator’s blog.

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Exclusive Springtime Offer! 

Save 15% Now!

Enriching Therapeutic Solutions Just for You! 
Enter Discount Code SPRING15 – ORDER TODAY! Offer expires April 1, 2024.

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