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The world of mental health evolves constantly. Exceptional HEROES™ evolves with it.

Due to our relying on our Kickstarter patrons, we can only make relatively small exclusive batches just for you! Visit our Kickstarter page to secure your early delivery and get the very first Exceptional HEROES™ devices this year. As more people join us on our exciting journey, we will keep you posted on further options. 

Our goal is to make sure thousands of Exceptional HEROES™ devices find their new home in early 2022. You can always reach us at connect@exceptionalheroes.com for more information or additional updates. 

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Exclusive Springtime Offer! 

Save 15% Now!

Enriching Therapeutic Solutions Just for You! 
Enter Discount Code SPRING15 – ORDER TODAY! Offer expires April 1, 2024.

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