Are Exceptional HEROES™ toys?

No. Exceptional HEROES™ are therapeutic devices and not toys. Our devices include a set of therapeutic approaches for a clearer, happier, better mind. Our therapeutic companions also have to comply with much more strict standards of safety and inclusion.  Learn more in the link Instructions For Use at the bottom of our website.

What if my Exceptional HEROES™ device gets a tear?

Even though our Exceptional HEROES™ are made to last, strenuous wear, use, and frequent washing could result in a tear. If your device develops a tear, discontinue use immediately and keep away from children and pets. Exceptional HEROES™ devices are filled with microbeads that could pose a choking hazard. See Instructions For Use:  NOTICE OF RISK! […]

Are Exceptional HEROES™ machines washable?

The fabrics and materials that make up your HEROES™ are machine washable, but we DO NOT recommend placing them in the washing machine or machine dryer. If you choose to machine wash/dry your HERO, bear in mind that our devices are quite heavy, so we suggest placing them in a full load of items such […]

Can I turn off the soundbox?

Yes. There is a volume control and on-off switch on the soundbox. You can also squeeze your Exceptional HEROES™ device to stop the session anytime.

How do I use my Exceptional HEROES™?

Exceptional HEROES™ devices offer a wide range of therapeutic effects. Turn on the built-in soundbox for a controlled breathing exercise, add a few droplets of essential oil onto the collar for aromatherapy, squeeze stress balls in back paws to reduce stress, stroke the soft and the rough textures for more tactile input, or hug your […]