Can I sleep with my Exceptional HEROES™?

We do not recommend sleeping with Exceptional HEROES™ as they can be too heavy for a child or person that is fragile and may not have the strength to move or push away.  The inability to move the weighted device could lead to suffocation, which is why we do not recommend. While Exceptional HEROES™ are […]

Why do Exceptional HEROES™ have a warning for adult supervision?

Our devices have multiple functions, which, if not used properly, may pose a danger. The main one is choking hazards from packaging, microbeads, or soundbox. Learn more about the use cases of Exceptional HEROES™ in our creator’s blog. See Instructions For Use:  NOTICE OF RISK!

Are Exceptional HEROES™ durable?

We intently designed Exceptional HEROES™ for durability. We worked with experts on materials and needlework to select only the highest grade of fabrics, the strongest threads, and seams. With proper care, Exceptional HEROES™ devices will be your faithful companions for many years.

Shelby is too heavy. Can I exchange it for Monroe?

No. Sadly, the current COVID-19 situation forces us to be very strict about our returns and exchanges. We can’t give a device that has already been used to another customer, so no exchanges of fully functional devices are accepted.