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Mental Health | Mental Illness | Mental Wellness – Is There A Difference?

This is such an impactful and educational video, a must-watch. Savanna shares how Somi's coping methods, grounding, and empowering oneself have helped her in her personal healing experience from mental health conditions.

Grounding- What is it and how does it improve Mental Health?

When we talk about Grounding, we are referring to Mental Wellness. It is about coming back to the present moment. Savanna and Somi discuss the basics of Grounding and how it works for those with PTSD or trauma. Somi shares her 15 plus years of experience in Mental Health and how simple Grounding can relate to everyone.

Let’s Educate Our Society on Trauma Aware vs. Trauma-Informed

What does it mean to be trauma aware or trauma-informed? In this week's LISTEN.LOVE.CONNECT™ series on our Instagram page, Somiara Fubara and Savanna Palafox openly discuss the differences and how that lack of distinction between the two can affect an individual's mental health.
Christopher Booth

Christopher Booth

Kenyora Parham

Kenyora Parham

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