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Flow vs. Resistance- My Therapy Journey

"Therapy is about them and never about us. How they feel is what is important. Always." Somiari Fubara- International Trauma Expert

Exceptional HEROES Featured on abc15 NEWS

Mother-daughter duo hoping to improve mental health with therapy companions

What is Title IX and Who Does It Protect?

We discuss the basics of what you should know about Title IX. No Sex Discrimination. No Sexual Assault. Equal Rights. Title IX protects ALL people regardless of their sex.

How Music Therapy Changed the Life of Our Guest Host Christopher Booth

On his 'By, Christopher' Youtube Channel, Christopher encourages people struggling with mental health issues through his music, offering an escape from the stress of everyday day life into a mood of mediation and relaxation.


Exclusive Springtime Offer! 

Save 15% Now!

Enriching Therapeutic Solutions Just for You! 
Enter Discount Code SPRING15 – ORDER TODAY! Offer expires April 1, 2024.

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