Exceptional HEROES™ Coming 2022

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Improve Mental Health With Our Therapeutic Companion

Anxiety, trauma, autism, Alzheimer’s, disabilities, emotional or mental conditions – one patent-pending device for the whole range of mental diversity. Exceptional HEROES™ uses five senses to promote a calmer, healthier, happier mind

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All-Inclusive, All-Embracing Companion

Cognitive and sensory therapeutic functions work across the whole range of emotional and mental diversity.

Better Therapy, Healthier Mind

Exceptional HEROES™ provides therapeutic enrichment as a comforting companion on a journey towards a balanced mind.

One Device for Holistic Sensory Feedback

Exceptional HEROES™ uses sight, sound, smell, touch, and body awareness to promote positive sensory stimuli through adaptable therapeutic techniques.

How It Works

Therapy and service animals were the inspiration behind the Exceptional HEROES™ patent-pending devices. Working together with mental health experts and scientists, we engineered multiple components to provide stimulation to body and mind. Sight, smell, sound, touch, and body awareness converge for maximized therapeutic experience. Learn more about the health benefits of Exceptional HEROES™.

I know from my own experience the benefits therapeutic and emotional support animals bring to people with differences. My goal was to create companions they knew and loved – but with all the therapeutic techniques.

Savanna Palafox

Founder of Exceptional Heroes




An engaging device modeled after a comforting plush animal encouraging positive interaction and emotions.


Coherent sounds enrich breathing practices for a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system. Play the sound


Aromatherapy creates soothing ambiance promoting restoration of emotional balance.



Distinct textures provide extra sensory input, alleviating stress and anxiety.

Body Awareness

Our devices come in two different weight types for effective pressure therapy.


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“The Exceptional Heroes are the perfect tool for supporting emotional regulation with a realistic, relatable furry companion. Some students love them, and others need them.”

— Hunter Lines

Junior high STEM teacher, School for learning differences

“My students were so intrigued by Exceptional Heros support animals. They were amazed at how realistic, heavy, and soft they were and enjoyed holding and carrying them. They would be an amazing addition to my kid’s yoga and mindfulness classroom!”

— Jane Rispoli

Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor, School for learning differences

“I am a huge fan of Exceptional Heroes! As a clinical psychologist and family psychotherapist who worked with children with special educational needs in animal-assisted therapy formore than 11 years, I can honestly say that I have been searching (more…)

— Cami Motorca

Masters Degree- Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, Postgraduate- Animal Assisted Therapy

“When I first met the Exceptional HEROES, I was so impressed with how realistic they looked and felt. I immediately thought about how many educators would benefit from a resource like this; one that offers neurodiverse students a variety of stimuli and (more…)

— Hunter Lines

Special education teacher • Bachelor’s of Science degree in Education from Grand Canyon University

“For most people there’s no difference between mental health and mental wellness, but in reality there is. What exceptional heroes is looking to provide the world is a therapeutic device that shifts us towards consistent mental wellness, not just mental health.”

— Somiari Fubara

International Mental Health and Trauma Expert

Having spent twenty-five years as a state licensed psychotherapist and nationally certified practitioner, I often found my patients would have profited from tactile comforting from such as Exceptional HEROES support animals.

— Rev. Dr. Robert Segress, Th.M., Ph.D.

Retired Clinical Member of The National Association of Clinical Mental Health (NACMH) & The American Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (AAMFC); Former Director of Psychological Services of Riverton General Hospital


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